A TEN-YEAR-OLD girl has sent a heart-warming thank you not to the brave firefighters who tackled an out-of-control grass fire near her home.

Little Kelcea Sainsbury penned the letter to praise the firefighters for their "amazing work" in dousing the 50ft flames as they raged wildly.

Homes were evacuated as the blaze destroyed 10 hectares of grassland at Cwmcelyn, near Blaina, South Wales, in the heatwave.

Crews from seven fire stations rushed to the scene and spent more than 12 hours tackling the fire before it was finally put out.

Kelcea, who could see the smoke from her home in nearby Brynmawr, was so grateful for their actions she wrote them a letter.

Kelcea wrote: "Thank you for battling the fire at Cwmcelyn and making sure that everyone was safe.

"You are amazing in what you do helping save lives. I bet it's hard working in this heat but again that won't stop you doing an amazing job."

Fire chiefs were so touched by her kind words they shared her letter on social media.

Jennie Griffiths, Head of Joint Fire Control for South Wales and Mid and West Wales Fire Service, told her: "Thank you Kelcea Sainsbury. Wonderful, simply wonderful, the crews will love it."

Jennie added: "The communities have been wonderful, we’ve had water and fruit from Tesco, and local communities have been taking ice lollies and water to the crews at the mountains.

"There has been over whelming support this year. We can't thank the communities enough."

Kelcea's mum, Aime, said she is incredibly proud of her daughter.

"My daughter wanted to give the South Wales fire crew recognition she always got a kind heart loves to help people out. It made me so proud."