A WOMAN has been handed a 10-year animal ban for not looking after 11 horses properly, and for causing unnecessary suffering to two of the horses and a dog.

Kathleen Davidson, 64, of Newport Road, Caldicot, appeared at Cwmbran Magistrates’ Court on Monday July 2 and pleaded guilty to three offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Davidson admitted caused unnecessary suffering to a chestnut gelding called Zorro and a chestnut mare called Cassie by failing to address the cause of their poor body condition, weight loss and ailments.

She also admitted failing to provide a suitable environment and diet including access to fresh drinking water to 11 horses, and causing unnecessary suffering to a black terrier type dog named Millie.

The animal charity said this was a "clear case of someone taking on too much," and added that horses had previously drowned in a river near the address.

When RSPCA inspector Emma Smith attended the location in Magor in December 2017 she found 11 horses in conditions that were not suitable.

Between then and January RSPCA inspectors issued multiple warning notices. When they attended they always found a group of horses which were locked in a barn without food and water and others were loose outside and were close to a hazardous river.

Despite these warnings, and offers of help and guidance, the situation did not improve and at the end of January, RSPCA inspectors attended with a vet, who confirmed that it was not suitable for the horses to be there and the horses were removed.

Cassie was found to be very skinny with arthritis and Zorro was found to be thin and had an infected sheath - which is the area around his genitals.

A few days later a call came into the animal welfare charity reporting concerns of a dog at the defendant’s home and officers attended the defendant's address. They found Millie who was thin, had a skin condition, and a urine infection.

Inspector Smith said: “This was a classic example of someone who had taken on too much, and did not have the time or resources to care for their animals properly.

“It is frustrating as she was given lots of opportunities to turn things around and to make things right and we offered our assistance to help her reduce her animals.

"But she chose not to and we were left with no option than to remove the animals for their safety. It was a hazardous situation as it had been reported that horses had previously drowned in the river.

“Shockingly after removing the horses, a few days later we received a call to say she had a dog in a bad condition in her home. It is just a very sad situation, but there is no excuse for not caring for your animals properly.”

The 11 horses and Millie are in RSPCA care and are doing well. They will be placed into the rehoming system so they can find their forever homes.

Magistrates fined Davidson £832 along with a £41 victim surcharge and was ordered to pay £840 costs. She was also banned from keeping any animal for 10 years.