A POLICE crackdown on troublesome off-road motorbikers had its first success this week when one of the vehicles was seized.

Officers confiscated an off-road bike at an address in Maindee on Monday evening (July 9) believed to have been used anti-socially in public areas.

The seizure follows a police meeting last week with more than 30 residents in the nearby area of St Julians who are fed up of the nuisance caused by off-road bikers on their streets.

Following the news one of the bikes had been confiscated, St Julians resident Michael Enea said: "This is good news from the Police.

"These bikes had been racing around, sometimes at midnight or 1am, as well as driving on pedestrian pavements where kids play.

"The community in St Julians has come together as one to report these bikes and get them off the streets."

In a statement, Gwent Police said they were "reaching out to local communities" who were "plagued" with the illegal use of off-road bikes.

"Whilst officers are not out to spoil people's fun, especially those that do ride legally and abide by the laws, we want to remind users that off road vehicles can cause alarm and distress to residents particularly when driven through residential areas at speed", the statement said.

A spokesperson for Gwent Police said: "In addition to ongoing action against off-road bikes, officers are also visiting all petrol stations in the areas affected to offer advice about allowing off-road bikes to fuel up there.

"Staff will be requested to ban them from their forecourts.

"If you have information in relation to where these bikes are stored, used or refuelled, please let us know by calling 101."