AS THE hot weather is set to continue this weekend, a water company is encouraging its customers to use water wisely.

Although there might be some rain on the way, Welsh Water says that after such prolonged dry weather it will be difficult for the rainwater to penetrate the ground and help restore reservoir levels.

The company - which provides drinking water to most of Wales, Herefordshire and parts of Deeside – is safeguarding water supplies following the hottest June in Wales since records began in 1910.

It has been proactively taking measures for the last two months to prepare for the hot weather, with 450 colleagues finding and repairing leaks and its 62 water treatment works being manned 24 hours a day to help supply a record 1 billion litres a day.  

Welsh Water confirmed that a few of its 87 reservoirs are now lower than usual at this time of year but none in Gwent are affected.

Managing Director of Water Services Ian Christie, said: “Over the last few months, we have taken and will continue to take all the necessary actions to ensure there is enough water in our network during this very dry period.   

"We’ve done a lot of groundwork in the background to prepare for this weather and still doing everything we can to safeguard supplies. This includes finding and fixing leaks and putting more water in the network every day than ever before.

“It’s really important that our customers continue to work with us during this period. If they spot a leak, please let us know. We’re also asking them to think about how much water they are using.

"We want everyone to stay safe and drink water while it’s hot but we’re reminding everyone of the need to use water wisely and efficiently.

 “Even if the weather starts to turn and it rains, it’s important that customers continue to work with us and use any water efficiently.  Customers can get advice on our top ten tips of how to use water efficiently around the home and garden from our website,

Customers can also help by reporting any leaks as soon as they notice them either through the website or by calling our leak line on 0800 052 0130. 

Welsh Water​'s ten tips for saving water:

  • A leaking tap can waste up to 15 litres of water a day – or 5,500 litres a year. That's enough to fill up five and a half fire engines.
  • Water your plants or garden with watering can rather than a hosepipe. Watering in the early morning and late afternoon will reduce evaporation so save water.
  • By turning off the tap each time you brush your teeth, you can save up to 18 litres. That’s a saving of 36 sports bottles each time you brush your teeth - or 72 bottles a day, 504 bottles a week or 26,208 bottles a year – per person.
  • Have a shower instead of a bath. This will not only save water, but can also save money because heating water can account for 25% of your energy bill.
  • Over one third of the water we use at home goes down the toilet, so if it’s yellow, why not let it mellow?
  • Put a full washing load on rather than two half loads
  • Drinking water – This is one area you should NOT cut back on! So keep a jug of water in the fridge so you don’t have to run the tap for as long for a cold drink. We think our tap water is the best in the world so enjoy it,
  • Fill the dishwasher and use an ‘eco’ setting or wait and do the dishes all in one go rather than throughout the day.
  • If you’re buying new appliances, choose water efficient products, or even better, look for a product with a Waterwise Recommended Checkmark. This will reduce your water use without even trying.
  • Use a water butt to catch water that could otherwise be taken away through our sewerage pipes. You could use this to clean your car or wash your windows which will help you get into all those awkward nooks and crannies.