THE colourful, vibrant heart of Newport takes centre stage at a new photography exhibition showcasing the city.

The collection by Kamila Jarczak, 37, now on show at Monusk Deli in Millennium Walk, depicts Newport as a city full of life and friendly faces.
Ms Jarczak debuted the exhibition last Thursday, just four months after taking up photography.

She said: “At the moment there’s a lot of negative opinions about Newport, so I tried to show life in Newport in a more positive way.

“It’s a vibrant – hopefully interesting – mix of styles, and includes street photography, especially architecture and happy faces.”

The exhibition – which featured 23 photos – was inspired by Annette Farmer, a trader in Newport Market who tries to bring positive change to Newport by running flea markets and campaigning against anti-social behaviour in the city centre.

“I know how hard Annette and her partner work to make Newport Market more visible,” explained Ms Jarczak.

“I love meeting people and want to collaborate with people who want to help improve Newport.

“I believe the changes are not just about councillors or politicians. People that live in the city can add something to make it more positive, which is what my photography reflects.”

Ms Jarczak has big plans for the future, wanting to continue her focus on Newport. She plans to meet lots of new people and base her next project around local charities that help the homeless. 

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