WELSH law around the heights of mobile masts should be brought in line with English law in an effort to battle poor signal in rural areas of the country, the Welsh Conservatives have said.

Currently, the maximum height restriction for communication masts in Wales is 50ft, whereas in England the maximum permitted height is 82ft. The Welsh Conservatives have said Welsh law should be brought in line with English law to improve mobile coverage.

The group's interim leader Paul Davies said: “Wales continues to lag behind the rest of the United Kingdom when it comes to the quality of mobile signal, and particularly so in our rural communities.

“Historically, the focus has been predominantly on improving the speed of connections but many hardworking people in Welsh communities are being held back by the issue of reliability.

“The Welsh Government need to take urgent action to adjust current planning laws in order to enable the building of masts that can help change the game in relation to 4G and 5G coverage across the country.

“Without much needed action in this area, Wales will continue to drastically lag behind other parts of the UK and Welsh businesses and communities will continue to miss out on the service provision that they desperately need.”