NHS70: As Long As The Heart Beats is a 1-hour NHS based performance, given extra realism as it was performed at the Outpatient Unit of Newport's Royal Gwent Hospital.

There were showings over the weekend, each one slightly unique, with this review focusing on the 12.30pm show on Sunday.

One of the nine cast members - Andrew Lennon, who played a porter - admitted in an interview that the audience may initially be nervous about the unusual venue. He was correct, but nerves were quickly replaced with curiosity once people from National Theatre Wales welcomed them in.

Rather than a traditional performance on stage, with a seated audience, it was a journey through the Outpatient Unit, meeting actors who played their roles with such conviction and emotion that it felt real.

Props were given to members of the audience to take to each next location, where characters would engage with them. From a porter looking at thank you cards, to hospital staff frantically searching for files, to a doctor praising the gift of organ donation, and more, the piece considered all aspects of the NHS.

Drawing on real experiences - and being based in a hospital - enhanced the empathy the audience felt. Original music by actors often asked, "Is the patient breathing?" as a reminder of the intensity and urgency that NHS staff face on a daily basis.

The performance succeeded in its aim to celebrate the NHS, with the audience staying after it finished to discuss the emotional journey they had travelled - some even had tears in their eyes.

Co-directors, Marcus Romer and Ben Tinniswood, along with the creative team and cast excelled in this moving, thoughtful creation.

NHS70: As Long As The Heart Beats is part of the 'NHS70: A Festival' which will run until July 28.

Leah Powell.