It’s one of the world’s richest games and now UK residents can have a shot at winning big on the US Mega Millions with an outstanding £399 million super jackpot up for grabs on Friday.

Previously, this was an exclusively American draw. But now, leading lottery-betting website has opened up the opportunity for Brits to get involved by placing a bet on the outcome of the game.

There’s a special super jackpot to be won which is BIGGER than the regular jackpot on offer in the US right now.

Only last year, it was reported that a man from Bolton in the UK scooped £800,000 by placing a bet through the same website with smaller prizes won weekly by their 1,000,000 members.

A monumental win like this would put you ahead of some of the UK's richest celebs including Adele (net worth £140 million) and Ed Sheeran (net worth £80 million).

Just imagine what you could do with £399 million?

- Travel the world on a 237-foot Dunya Axioma superyacht with a 3D cinema and infinity pool - £60 million

- Invest in your very own private Greek island - £35 million

- Or perhaps you could make a big difference to the lives of your 10 closest family and friends by giving them £1 million each

The dream starts here. Could you be the next big winner?

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