EARLIER this week we reported how fed-up residents and others in Newport had set up a Facebook group calling for something to be done about anti-social behaviour at the city's bus station.

The group, which already has more than 300 members, was set up after the 15-year-old daughter of Newport Market chairwoman Annette Farmer, with members saying the area had become a hotspot for intimidating anti-social behaviour.

Needless to say readers didn't mince their words when discussing the issue in the comments section on the Argus website.

Here's what they said:

How is this happening with the so-called increased police presence in our city centre that is meant to be dealing with these instances?


Because they were just words and not actual bodies on the ground, words don't tackle crime.

-Duir Forester-

I use this bus station regularly - day and night - and it's horrible. I have never seen a policeman or PCSO - or whatever they're called - in this area.

Trouble is, if they're moved from here they just go somewhere else.

They know there is no punishment for them - can't even smack any more - so they laugh at authority. I fear the war may be lost already.


The police have been decimated by cuts, even the recent recruitment will leave the police staffing levels well below what they were before the Tories came to power and it doesn't stop at the police, it's virtually every area of public service.


Almost on a daily basis there is evidence of anti-social behaviour yet I very rarely see any police. Certainly no extra staff so no idea where they are.

At night the situation is much worse.


Last Wednesday a couple of lads were riding their bikes through the bus station - back and forth - and not one of the several Newport Transport employees who were standing around told them off. They just ignored them!

By the fourth time the bikes had whizzed by me (thank goodness they didn't run into any of the small children waiting with their parents) I was on the verge of shouting "No bikes allowed!" but was warned not to by my better half.

What makes things worse is, because of the cuts in bus services, if customers miss one, it means a heck of a long wait for the next one - which means we're exposed to the arrogant behaviour of these kids with no conscience for much longer than we used to.


I live and work in the 'city' centre and rarely see the police.

Cath Evans

When I go to town and I see the gangs it is intimidating.

I'm scared to walk past them all, and when they come close I walk away.


Education is a part of it, teaching that to be included in society you have to adhere to that society's rules and regulations.

If you choose to ignore those rules, then enforcement is the only way to go.

Any five-year-old can differentiate between good and bad behaviour.

So these individuals are aware they are causing a nuisance and are quite happy to continue.

Until such time as the police stop fudging the figures and actually physically attend the town centre and actually physically apprehend these idiots for breaking several existing laws then this will just boringly continue


The reason is that there isn't capacity for law-breaking youths to be referred to young offender's institutions, jail etc.

Not only do we let the public down by not taking action, but we let those youths down by not setting an example so they can learn.

Sadly many of their parents are unaware what they get up to, which is sad, or they don't care, even sadder.

I know youths with 20, 30 cautions and/or arrests but nothing happens. They end up thinking it's a game.

Shame on the government, council and police. The latter because they don't speak up enough about how under resourced they are.


They need to have security and police visible all the time


It is high time that public stocks were reintroduced for feral scum like this.

Or if that is against their human rights why not bring back the birch?

Ten lashes and a handful of salt rubbed in to the wound while being viewed by the general public and you can guarantee that they would not re-offend.

the phantom flan flinger

Confiscate their handlebars and saddles.

Let's see how keen they are to terrorise peaceful Zooport Brexiters if they have to sit on a spike and cycle round in circles.


Bring back borstals, they had a very low re-offending rate.

Alexander Great