A MUSICIAN from Newport has recorded his own version of a Britpop classic, celebrating life in the city.

Jack Perrett has today released 'Portlife', a parody of the 1994 song 'Parklife' by Blur.

He has also recorded an imitation of the music video, shot by Focus Shift Films at famous landmarks around Newport, and the single's cover art, done by Rise Propaganda, also pays homage to the Blur hit.

Mr Perrett has been amazed at the warm reception the song has received.

"There’s been a brilliant reaction so far. The video’s only been up a few hours and it’s already had 10,000 views", he said.

"It’s been shared online by people from the places mentioned, like Tiny Rebel."

Mr Perrett was inspired to record the song after another musician, Joe Kelly, came up with the idea.

"I was doing an open mic night back in the spring and I did a cover of ‘Parklife’ by Blur", Mr Perrett said.

"Joe said I should do a Newport version of it.

"I recorded the song and the video a while back, but I’ve been waiting for the football season to start before releasing it, because of County being involved."

Mr Perrett will take his new single on the road this weekend, including a trip to Rodney Parade.

"Tomorrow (August 11), at County’s first game, I’ll play the song before kick-off in a marquee", he said.

"I’m also doing a busking tour tomorrow, starting at 11am, at all the locations mentioned in the song."

'Portlife' represents a departure from the kind of music Mr Perrett normally likes to play.

"I don’t usually do parody songs, I usually release my own music, but hopefully this record will give me something to build on", he said.

"I’ve been going for four years. I recorded my first EP in 2015 and I’ve released some singles since then.

"I’ve had my music played on BBC Radio Wales, and I had a song on BBC Radio 1 and ITV."

So what should people look out for in the 'Portlife' video?

"People should try to spot r all the locations, as well as people they might know", Mr Perrett said.

"Everyone in the video is from Newport.

The song references lots of things, even local fish shops.

Mr Perrett is already working hard on his next hit, due for release later this year.

"I’ve been in the studio recently working on two songs, and I’ve got a new single coming out in October", he said.

Watch Jack Perrett's 'Portlife' video below: