UKIP Wales members have elected Gareth Bennett as their leader in the Welsh Assembly.

The South Wales AM has been named as Welsh UKIP’s new leader, winning 58 per cent of the vote with 269 votes.

Out of 876 members, the total number of votes cast was 514, a turnout of 58.7 per cent.

Neil Hamilton was runner-up with 42 per cent (193 votes).

Caroline Jones was eliminated in the first round with 130 votes.

Upon the announcement, Mr Bennett tweeted: “Delighted to have won the support of UKIP Wales members to take the Group forward as Group Leader of the Welsh Assembly. Lots of work to do. Thanks to Neil and Caroline for their campaigns.”

Party leader Gerard Batten said: “I wish to extend my congratulations to Gareth Bennett. I now expect all elected members in Wales to work together for UKIP‘s cause and to get on with the job.”