A CYCLING club in Newport is attempting to set a new world record this weekend.

East Newport Cycle Speedway club are attempting to set a new Guinness world record on Saturday, August 25.

The group are hosting a 24-hour relay ride around their track, where junior team members will continuously cycle around the track for 24 hours.

“Some may think that is easy, that is until they are told that our bikes have no brakes,” said Club Secretary Chris Wright.

The club, which is received no funding and runs solely by volunteers on a not for profit basis, is raising money for to replace an old wooden track fence.

Recent vandalism and rot has rendered the fence beyond any more repair.

“Our junior team members have been out trying to get as many sponsors as possible.” Mr Wright added.

“Two of our youngest members even set up a street shop selling a few of their own old belongings.”

Tia, 10, and brother Morgan, seven, from Underwood, had their own idea to raise money for the club.

The siblings gathered a few old toys and a painting, made some slime and set up shop in the street. They raised over £40 from their own shop sales.

A club spokesman said it was the thoughtfulness of these two members that inspired them to join in the fundraising.

“When we found out what they had done it melted our hearts,” he said.

Mum Sara Hardy, who is also the clubs fundraising officer said: “Tia woke up the other morning and said I'm going to make some slime to sell, to raise money for the club.

“So her and Morgan did just that and then gathered a few books and a painting and set up shop on the corner of the street, that's it really.”

The new Guinness world record attempt will take place at East Newport Cycle Speedway club’s track in Llanmartin, at 10am.

Anyone wishing to help raise money can contact the club via Facebook.