HUNDREDS of discarded needles and a blade have been collected from beneath a Newport bridge - just days after an initial clean up at the same spot.

Community group Pride in Pill (PiP) picked up 47 needles, a bag of drugs, and 24 nitrous oxide cannisters underneath George Street Bridge in 15 minutes last week, as the Argus previously reported.

And now a second visit to the site has seen bags more filled with drug-related paraphernalia, as well as other dangerous items.

PiP project manager Taz Zee said around eight volunteers, including councillor Majid Rahmanthan, spent two hours cleaning the area on Sunday, with the discovered blade since handed into police.

Mr Zee added members of PiP plan to return to George Street Bridge again this Sunday to determine whether the extent of litter was due to lack of cleaning over the years, or if the area is a hotspot for drug-related activity.

PiP chairman Paul Murphy said: “You’ve got to take pride in your community for people to respect it.

“If it’s a mess, people have no pride in it at all.

“If they can see you cleaning it then others will do it.”

After the initial clean-u at the bridge, spokeswoman for Newport City Council said that councillors “appreciate” the work carried out by groups such as Pride in Pill.

PiP project manager Mr Zee added: “Newport City Council has online services, which allow people to report fly tipping and discarded syringes. The help is out there, but it’s about making the public more aware.

“We suggest those with issues or complaints to let the council know but, if there is a health concern, we are happy to step in.

“We aren’t funded, and we have limited resources, but we don’t want anyone injuring themselves.”

To find out more about Pride in Pill, or to volunteer, find them on Facebook by searching @pamurpaol

You can report fly tipping on the Pride in Newport hotline, which is monitored by Newport City Council staff.

The number is 07973 698582.