THAT'S it, I have had enough and I'm pretty sure the vast majority of people in Britain have had enough too - it is time to stop politicians dancing.

National broadcast and print media have been full of stories charting the highs and - almost exclusively - lows of dancing world leaders, MPs, etc, in the past couple of days.

But, again almost exclusively, these stories have treated the issue as a joke.

Well, it isn't a joke. It is painful and embarrassing to watch and I believe that we shouldn't have to put up with it anymore.

Quite what Theresa May's 'advisors' - I use the word, er, advisedly - were thinking when they allowed her to wobble around like a puppet with its strings cut in front of schoolchildren and scouts in Africa, is a mystery.

If it was their idea - "cut loose Terri, you need to come across as more human" - then they ought to be dismissed forthwith, under the threat of possible criminal charges.

It is of course, entirely possible that Mrs May, overseas and with the Brexitometer turned down a notch, felt the need to let herself go a little, and depart from the starchy script that leaders must follow.

Message to Theresa May: Never let yourself go. Not even a little. The starchy script is good.

One shudders to think of the nightmares those children must have suffered in the past few days. This is quite possibly a human rights issue.

When I turn on the television news, or peruse a broadcaster's or a newspaper's website, or even seek out information on what's happening in the world via social media, I should not have to be confronted by our elected representatives - especially those in high office - cavorting, gyrating, twitching, thrusting, or indulging in other movements that they associate in their increasingly unworldly minds with dancing.

This is not what we elect our political representatives to do. While we're at it, neither should they be allowed to pose in the street with strangers' babies in their arms, or have a go at whatever activity the workers perform at the businesses they visit.

It's time to clamp down on this nonsense. Just govern, damn it.