Gwent Cats Protection (GCP) would like you to meet this adorable fella, Stumpy, who has found his forever home.

As a kitten, Stumpy was rescued from a factory where he was found abandoned and injured.

GCP took in the cat, who has black fur and green eyes, who had to have an operation to remove the damaged front leg.

Stumpy has recovered now, and will soon be taken into a new home, where he will have a sister who also has three legs, after she was born with a damaged leg.

The pair have adapted well together, and will hopefully have a bright future.

This is just one of many success stories of GCP, whose volunteers foster the cats until they are re-homed. So far this year they've directly rehomed 264 cats and transferred 100 to other branches.

This is a huge increase from this time last year, when they were responsible for 196 adoptions and 56 transfers.

If you can find space in your family for a kitten then get in touch with GCP to adopt one,

Their adoption fee covers a health check, vaccination, microchipping, neutering and worm and flea treatments, which, in the long run, works out cheaper than buying a cat.

You can phone them on 0345 371 2747, email them at or visit their website