TRUMPS’ response to war hero McCain’s death was characteristically vulgar and petty minded. Trump has no respect for the power of argument. He believes and relies on the argument of power.

Whilst not always agreeing with McCain’s politics, his idealism served as an inspiration. Poseur Trump should take example from his ability to work separate the personal arguments from the political and embrace bi-partisanship.

Supporters and critics alike recall McCain’s honour in his service and dignified presidential campaign. The best of American politics contrasts with the worst that we now endure.

- Theresa May has declared she is not a fan of the new tv drama ‘Bodyguard’. The show tells the story of an Afghanistan war veteran now serving as protection to a Home Secretary. it is a necessary watch. Every MP should be confronted by the horrors that we imposed on our soldiers.

The arrogance of military leadership and the gulf between heroic fantasy of a politician’s war and the full reality of a soldier’s war has not changed. One MP recently described Passchendaele as a “wonderful battle”. Not to my father, my uncle and millions of others whose lives were damaged or ended by a futile WW1 that achieved nothing but WW11.

- The best of Newport has been beheld in the search to find a bone marrow donor for six-year-old Marley Nicholls. Marley has been diagnosed with aplastic anaemia and is in need of a bone marrow transplant. Sadly, no current donor on the worldwide register has been a match.

Through the herculean efforts of his family and their growing ‘Marrow for Marley’ campaign hundreds have been tested for a match.

The search continues to find a donor for Marley and the thousands of others waiting for a match. You can find out more about becoming a donor by contacting the Anthony Nolan Trust.

- This week the Boundary Review Commission submits its final recommendations for Wales.

The number of MPs will be reduced from 650 to 600. Reform of constituency sizes is necessary but current proposals are a messy piecemeal approach.

By reducing the number of MPs and not reducing the number of Ministers, the Government are strengthening their power at the expense of Back Benchers.

If the number of MPs is to go down and MEPs are to disappear, the work of an already overstretched Assembly will increase exponentially.

Meanwhile the cost of politics is soaring with the Government continuing to overstuff the Lords with cronies and donors.

The Boundary review is the only part of the democratic system that could be reformed to the Governments advantage. Overall root-and-branch reform is needed.