A MONMOUTHSHIRE woman has spoken of how basic first aid training led her to save a stranger’s life.

Rachel Norman, who is from Magor, was enjoying a holiday at Universal Studios, Florida with her husband and two children last month when they came across a man who had collapsed.

“We were on our way out after a day in the park when we saw a young man on the floor,” said the 42-year-old.

Mrs Norman then walked towards a crowd gathering around the man, and checked the man’s airway which was “exceptionally laboured”.

She also noticed the man’s colour was rapidly changing from pink to blue.

“It looked as though someone was trying to perform chest compressions," she said.

"So I approached the group and asked if I could be of any assistance.

“The man looked as though he was fitting.

“His family explained he had no previous history of epilepsy but due to his rapidly changing colour, I made the decision to put him in the recovery position.”

She added: “After a while, the man began to regain his colour and while disorientated at first, he gradually became more responsive.”

Mrs Norman decided to stay with the man and his family until the emergency services arrived and took over his care.

The mother-of-two has now thanked St John Cymru for equipping her at a course with first aid knowledge.

“It was very quickly clear that the people who were present were unsure how best to help,” she said.

“The training I received from St John Cymru without a doubt gave me the confidence to deal with that situation.

“Knowing I did all I could to help the gentleman in that situation was really rewarding.

“I can not thank St John Cymru enough.”

Caldicot division leader for St John Cymru Jan Williams praised Mrs Norman's actions and added she hopes more people will sign up to first aid sessions.

She said: “We can’t stress how important first aid can be in helping to potentially save someone’s life.

“By having the knowledge and confidence to use her first aid skills, Rachel’s actions that day undoubtedly helped towards saving that man’s life.

“It just goes to show what a difference basic first aid skills can make not just at home or in the community but anywhere someone is in need.

Rachel is an absolute star.”

If you would like to attend a first aid session, visit www.stjohn.wales/savealife or call 0345 678 5646.