NEWS of Katie Hopkins turning up at a Newport High School was among our most talked about stories in the last week.

The controversial figure tweeted a picture of herself with youngsters, as part of a visit to hear “frank views on the standard of education in Wales”.

But some parents were angry about the situation, and both Newport High School and the city council said they were ‘appalled’ that permission was not first sought to have the photo taken.

Ms Hopkins later deleted the picture.

Here’s what readers said on our website:

“I hate the woman but you cannot restrict access to her because they offend you. We are allowed to be offended we are not allowed to gag her.”


“This isn’t about free speech. You cannot enter school premises without permission.

“You cannot take photographs for publication of children without parental permission.”

Rod Parade

“Why can’t society leave people like this alone?

“I don’t particularly like her but what she says is what most people are afraid to say so good on her.”

Gwent RSU

“It is understood she visited to hear “frank views on the standard of education in Wales”.

“With the greatest respect to the intelligence of the pupils, how are they even qualified to comment on the standard of education in Wales.

“How can they even compare the standard with other areas of UK, or even worldwide? Just asking!”


“She was tweeting about Welsh Medium Education in Ceridigion but is pictured with young people in grounds of an English Medium School in Newport Gwent.

“I believe in free speech but this is all about making money to her and she doesn’t care who she uses to do it.

“I would be very angry if she used my child for those aims.”


“I’m sure that both Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have been to schools on fact-finding visits and many people find their views deeply offensive.

“I don’t share many of Katie Hopkins opinions but of course we must support her freedom of speech.”


“She (is) trying to make a point about Welsh speaking schools and how it holds children back, despite the fact most welsh speaking schools have much better results than the English speaking schools in Wales.

“So instead of visiting a welsh speaking school she has somehow decided to turn up at Newport High School school gates and have this photo taken of children, without permission from their parents and then post it on social media!”

Really livid

“The right to freedom of speech and free political expression is what makes this country great - so long as you share the same views as us.”


“Is education here showing the rest of the world the way, or not?

“After twenty years of WAG, it most definitely is not. Therefore, like her or not (and I barely know nor care who she is), she is right.”


“She is awesome and many high school kids would benefit from her company...including the kids of some of these commenters here.”

Karen Willet

“I have brought my children up to be polite and empathetic people.

“I certainly wouldn’t want them in the company of this bigoted woman with no manners whatsoever.”

Really livid

“This is hysterical. She wanted you all to react and you have!”


“Hopkins describes herself as a journalist these days.

“If that is the case, then she is bound by the IPSO code of conduct, which includes the following clause: ‘Children under 16 must not be interviewed or photographed on issues involving their own or another childs welfare unless a custodial parent or similarly responsible adult consents.’”


“She visited Newport on the weekend, probably because its the closest urban area to England, rounded up a group of 12 years who were playing in a park by school, had her photographer take pictures of them outside the school, without the parents permission and without the schools permission, and asked them if English is banned in the school.

“This passes for unbiased investigative journalism nowadays.

“Just a photo shot opportunity so she can justify her latest hate filled rant.”

Philip Hughes

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