CAMPAIGNERS have expressed their delight that a popular splash pad which closed in 2014 could return next year.

Tredegar Park’s now-defunct splash park, a £120,000 children’s play facility which was closed in 2014, could be re-opened next summer under plans by the council.

In an email to local conservative party member Michael Enea, Newport City Council’s strategic director Beverly Owen said: “I am pleased to advise that over the summer months Council officers have been developing detailed plans to reinstate a splash pad facility at Tredegar Park, and that a planning application will be submitted imminently, with a view the facility being opened in 2019.”

Mr Enea said he was delighted by the news.

“I have campaigned on this for four years,” he said.

“It is fantastic.”

In August, as the Argus reported, resident Louise Smith started a petition calling for the facilities in Tredegar Park to be revamped.

She had said she felt compelled to try and drum up support after finding the site in such a “sorry state” during a summer holidays visit.

Speaking yesterday, she said: “I’m ecstatic really, because it’s something that we have needed for so long in Newport. “There’s nothing in Newport that offers an outdoor facility for the children.

“Especially in this day and age with technology, playing outdoors should be encouraged, and this is the way to go forward.

“The reaction to the petition was very, very positive. I think it has now had over 1,600 signatures - which is amazing. Thank you for all those who have supported it.

“The verbal support as well, with people saying that they are pleased that someone’s gone up and done something, has been great.

“I know Michael’s been campaigning for years and I think the more people that voice these things the better. It was the people’s voice.

“I’m really pleased the the council have taken this on board and listened to the people’s views because ultimately it is our city too, and our children deserve a play water facility in the summer months and to make our park special.”

Fellow resident Lloyd Walsh, who supported the petition, added: “We are quite fortunate in a sense that it is a relatively flat area that is accessible for people of all abilities.

“It is a shame to see it in this state that it’s currently in, but if the council stick to their promises then we should see it restored to its former glory.”

In early July 2013 Newport council closed the facility for essential repairs after a mechanical fault.

Later that month, fears it had caused a minor sickness bug saw it closed again.

At the time the council said the water play area was being closed as a precautionary measure, with regular monitoring revealing the possibility of the bug.

The authority had said the system would be cleansed and chlorinated, and it was hoped it could be reopened within a couple of weeks.

But the site never reopened again. Newport City Council was contacted for an official comment.