A POPULAR Escape Room game is now available in Welsh.

David Daniel and Elinor Daniel, owners of The Escape Rooms in Newport, have released a Welsh version of their game, Torture Corp, originally launched in May last year.

This was Newport’s first ever Escape Room game, and the Welsh version it the first of its kind.

Ms Daniel said: “We’re proud to be able to launch a Welsh language option at The Escape Rooms.

“While neither of us are fluent Welsh speakers we are both learning, and we feel that the Welsh language is a vital, beautiful part of Welsh culture.

“We’d love for it to become more commonplace to hear the Welsh language being spoken while out and about in Newport, as well as further afield.

“What I have discovered since working on this project is that there are far more fluent Welsh speakers out there than I previously realised.”

The development of a Welsh option for Torture Corp was only possible through the support of Welsh Government project, Welsh for Business/Cymraeg Byd Busnes.

Welsh for Business development officer for Newport, Sara Peacock, added: “Newport should be very proud of young entrepreneurs like Elinor and David who are seeking out business opportunities that are unique to Newport and strongly connected to the city’s history and future.

“It has been a pleasure to work with them on this initiative, and I really hope Welsh speakers and learners take advantage of the new entertainment that is being offered to them.”

Ticket prices range from £15 to £20 person, depending on group size. The Escape Rooms can be found in the basement space below Newport Market, with an entrance on Griffin Street.

To find out more go to their website: www.escaperoomsnewport.co.uk or email them at: escape@escaperoomsnewport.co.uk

You can also find them on Facebook @theescaperooms or Twitter @escaperoomsNP