A KITTEN who was found with a bone sticking out of its leg has been given a second chance after he was rescued by a charity.

Hoppy was found in a garden near Blackwood, along with her seven siblings and mother, and it was clear that something was very wrong.

She had a nasty open wound with broken bone sticking out of her inside right leg.

Despite the pain of her injury Hoppy was still very mobile and incredibly friendly and affectionate.

The six-week-old kitten was then rushed to the vets by members of the Cats Protection Gwent Branch who received the call.

Glynis Davies from the charity said: “She was taken straight to Summerhill Vets in Newport, stabilised and given fluids and antibiotics.

“This was not a recent injury and it had become infected, so amputating was the only option”

The cats are now in the care of the welfare charity and Hoppy will spend a few weeks recuperating after surgery.

Since an appeal for donations towards her medical costs was shared on the charity's Facebook page , Hoppy has become an internet celebrity and people are lining up to give the adorable kitten a home.

Ms Davies added: “When she is eight weeks old will be vaccinated and rehomed. We have had more than 30 offers for homes already.”

If you would like to donate visit justgiving.com/fundraising/gcp-hoppy.

You can also send donations to Gwent Cats Protection, PO Box 623, Newport, NP20 3ZX.

To find out more about the charity visit cats.org.uk/gwent-branch.