A GROUP of travellers have been spotted in yet another area of Newport.

More than eight caravans parked up in Black Ash Park, in Lliswerry, yesterday afternoon.

Residents in the area have since voiced their concerns.

Barthropp Street resident Marjorie Johnson, 83, said: “They [the travellers] know it is illegal to go there.

“Why would you go there if you know this.

“They will have to be moved and that will cost the tax payer money.

“It makes me angry. They need to be moved on.”

Mrs Johnson’s husband, Ken, also voiced frustration, saying: “They have been on Black Ash Park before.

“The council had put gates up and padlocks to stop people illegally coming onto the park.

“I do not know how the travellers have managed to get here. I am going to go over to the gates and look to see how they did it.

“Like my wife said, they need to be moved on quickly.”

Lliswerry resident Simon Davies, who is a retired bus driver, expressed similar remarks.

He said: “Black Ash Park is a popular place to come to.

“People will be unable to use our park, like they normally do.

“A lot of football teams regularly use this park. I cannot see football teams coming here when they can only use part of the park.”

It comes as groups of travellers pitched up at both the former grounds of Poundstretcher in Port Road, and the overflow car park at Tredegar House within the last week.

A resident who did not wish to be named said they thought it was the same group.

“I know they were on Port Road a few days ago because I saw them there with the same vehicles,” they added.

"Now they have turned up in Lliswerry.

"They should not be able to come to the park illegally.”

He added: “I just hope a lot of rubbish is not left. 

A spokeswoman for Newport City Council said the authority was aware of the current situation.

She said: “The council has been informed travellers have moved onto land at Black Ash Park in Lliswerry, setting up an unauthorised encampment. 

“The council is investigating.”

It is understood both the former grounds of Poundstretcher in Port Road, and the overflow car park have since been vacated.