THE conditions might not have been favourable, but a team of walkers completed a charity walk on Saturday.

A team of walkers from the #NewportRocky committee left St Joseph's Boxing Gym in Newport and walked to St David's Hall in Cardiff for the Walk to Glory event.

The charity walk undertaken on the 35th Anniversary of boxer David Pearce capturing the Heavyweight Lonsdale Belt which he did at the hall.

The team behind the statue which was erected on the Riverfront to celebrate Newport boxing hero David ‘Bomber’ Pearce are continuing to fundraise after they reached their target.

They will be organising a number of charity events in the coming months in memory of the boxer who grew up in the Pill area of Newport.

Luke Pearce, the legendary boxer’s nephew, and the team have set a target of raising £5,000 towards future projects within the South Wales region and Newport this Christmas, to help and promote the city and its communities.

Luke Pearce said: “This event will provide the blueprint for inspirational projects moving forward in order to help others.

"The #NewportRocky legacy projects will provide a platform to support local community projects and support young sportsman and sportswomen in the near future.

"We have already provided sponsorship to local sporting clubs in the City, including Newport Saints FC and Hartridge Rugby RFC."

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