TWENTY mph speed limits must be introduced as standard in all residential areas in Wales - that's the message from a Newport AM.

John Griffiths, who has repeatedly called for the policy to be introduced in Wales, will speak at a conference hosted by the Twenty's Plenty campaign in Cardiff today, Tuesday.

The Newport East AM will also host a round table event at the Senedd on Wednesday morning alongside Gwent police and crime commissioner Jeff Cuthbert and representatives of the 20's Plenty campaign, Public Health Wales, Sustrans Cymru and the University of the West of England.

"It's a matter of road safety," he said. "With lower speed limits you would expect there to be fewer injuries, and every life saved and injury avoided is very good news for our communities.

"It's also about reclaiming our streets.

"Community life is breaking down - if we can create friendlier neighbourhoods where it's easy to be out and about and you've got children playing outside, then we can start to rebuild community life."

The Labour AM, who previously held a short debate on the issue in the Assembly, added he hoped the conference at round table event would "help to build on the growing momentum to make default 20mph limits a reality and improve the lives of people in Wales.”

Research by the Institute of Welsh Affairs published in June showed introducing 20mph limits would have "a significant impact on the extent of injuries arising from collisions between motor vehicles and pedestrians or cyclists".

The report found the limit would reduce emissions in residential areas by 12 per cent and cut the number of crashes resulting in injuries from 87 per cent to 70 per cent.

It recommended: "(The) Welsh Government should impose a default 20mph limit in urban areas, allowing local authorities discretion in exempting routes where justified.”

Other research has shown the limit could save health services between up to £94 million a year.

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