A PIONEERING initiative to provide emergency and safe overnight accommodation for people sleeping on the streets has been unveiled.

Most cities across the globe are facing major issues with homelessness.

And Newport is no exception.

But charity Amazing Grace Spaces has gone one step further by revealing two pods which are designed to offer overnight accommodation for those sleeping rough.

Stuart Johnson, who is the design and operations director for the charity, said: "People who are homeless are living everywhere. They are in parks, under bridges and in doorways.

"These are not safe places to be.

"We want them to go somewhere safe.

"These people are not on the streets because of their own volition. They need our help."

Dozens of people, including councillors and members of the public, joined the 58-year-old yesterday at St Paul's Church, in Newport to hear more about the pods.

“They are being showcased because we want to hear what people think about them," said Mr Johnson.

“The way they work is by people getting in touch with either ourselves or an agency linked to us. They can sleep safely in the pod.

“There is no set time period for when the people would have to leave the pod.

"Over time we hope to build a relationship with that person and then help them further. The main aim is to get them off the streets."

An individual pod costs between five to six thousand pounds and offers a warm self-contained space with a bed, toilet and light.

The charity is now encouraging organisations to throw their support behind the initiative, in a bid to introduce pods across Gwent.

Trustee Caroline Johnson said: "We desperately want these pods to be here permanently. Unfortunately, these pods will be leaving next week.

"We need support and sponsorship for them to be here permanently. We want as many organisations as possible to get in touch and say they are interested in helping us/"

She added: “At the end of the day, everyone deserves dignity. These pods make that happen."

For more information on the scheme, visit the website amazinggracespaces.org/