TICKETS for a free production of Moby Dick, by Tin Shed Theatre, performed on Newport Transporter Bridge were harpooned quickly, and it’s no wonder why.

Although tickets were free, due to various funding, the acting by the cast of, largely local, professional and community actors was second to none.

Suspended on a gondola hundreds of feet above the River Usk, the audience were captivated by the intensity and emotion of the characters, joining them on their voyage into madness.

Following the chaotic story of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, the immersive performance still managed to have comical elements, particularly Bongo Peet as second mate Stubbs. The production was given added realism by its setting, on the nautical gondola, as if the audience were aboard the Pequod with the crew, watching insanity snare them on their quest. The evening breeze enhanced the feeling of being on a ship (although wrapping up warm is advised, maybe bring a blanket).

This theatrical celebration of Newport Transporter Bridge, which was built 112 years ago and is one of six left operational worldwide, follows three years of research and development, and successfully merged heritage and literature.

The production is in partnership with Newport City Council and First Campus, is funded by: Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council of Wales, Living Levels, Newport City Homes, Friends of the Medieval Ship, Pill Millennium Centre, and The Riverfront Theatre.

Tin Shed Theatre’s Moby Dick will be performed at Newport Transporter Bridge every evening, except October 6 and October 10, with the final show on October 16.

You can read more about the production here.

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