A FORMER boxer strangled his girlfriend after he kicked her and forced her to snort cocaine following a row at a Christmas party, a jury heard.

Christopher Cooksey, aged 33, of Glosters Parade, New Inn, Pontypool, is on trial at Cardiff Crown Court accused of physically abusing and controlling his ex-partner.

He denies administering a poison or noxious substance with intent, false imprisonment, controlling and coercive behaviour, four counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and one of assault by beating.

She told the jury how Cooksey, who she said used to be a boxer, had attacked her after they had attended her work Christmas party last year when they had only been in a relationship for a few weeks.

The complainant said they had fallen out after one of her male colleagues had introduced himself to her and the defendant had become angry with her for talking to him.

The jury heard her say Cooksey attacked her after she hit him with her handbag as they walked back to a B&B where they were staying: “I looked down and my dress was filthy.

"He had dragged me towards him. I remember him kicking me in the chest.”

She said that the blow caused her fall into a ditch and added: “He grabbed my head … he hit me in the nose, but I’m not sure how.

"When I went back to our room, I could see that I had blood all around my nostrils and my top lip.

"I was hysterical. I was petrified.

“He was fuming. He said I had pushed him over the edge. He said if I wanted to hit him, this is what happens.”

She said that back at their B&B he forced her to take cocaine.

The complainant said: “He was lining up coke with a card like they do in the movies.

"I said to him, ‘I am not into drugs’. He told me, I will do it.” She said she was scared of him and so sniffed the drugs using a £20 note.

On a separate occasion, a few days later, the alleged victim said: "He was strangling me ... he followed me into my house and started choking me in my living room ... I was hysterical."

Breaking down in tears, she claimed he had later made her drink alcohol.

She told the court: "He gave me a bottle of Malibu and forced me to drink it.

"He made me drink it down. I remember I poured it down myself."