A RENOWNED guitarist is taking a break from his UK tour for a secret, intimate show.

Kee Marcello, the former guitarist of rock band Europe who went on to have an incredible solo career, with perform at The Boat Inn, in Chepstow, on October 16, from 9pm.

His tour manager, Matthew Scott, said: "He's a platinum selling artist, so this a very small show for us.

"It will be a small, intimate show, giving fans a real treat to see and hear their hero; maybe even meeting him, in a more relaxed atmosphere."

Mr Scott is no stranger to the venue; previously he organised a concert, by former AC/DC member Dave Evans, at The Boat Inn.

Karl Brock, who owns The Boat Inn, said: "It should be a fantastic night.

"These shows always do really well here; we can't wait to bring Kee Marcello to Chepstow and rock the boat."

Unlike other venues Kee Marcello is performing in for his UK tour, The Boat Inn is small, with a maximum of around 200 guests, so pre-booking is advised.

Tickets are £10, which includes a free drink, and visitors can pay over the phone or at the door. To book tickets phone: 01291 408050

To find out more about The Boat Inn, check out their website: www.theboatchepstow.co.uk