A MAN is shaving his ‘Gandalfian’ beard to raise money for a homeless charity.

Ian Dennison, who is also known as the 'man with the beard' and lives just outside Blackwood, will unveil his chin on Saturday to raise funds for Crisis.

Crisis is a national charity that helps people escape homelessness, and campaigns for change.

Mr Dennison's beard, which reaches his navel, will be cut off by Owen ‘Follicle Genius’ Roberts, at Limelight salon, in Cardiff, at 11.30am. Although the fundraising page states 11am the time was changed. 

“I’ve grown attached to my beard, so I’ll be sad to see it go,” admitted Mr Dennison.

“But I can do a lot of good by getting rid of it. I was expecting to raise a couple of hundred pounds and now, with GiftAid, I’ve raised more than £1000, so it’s become an expensive beard.

“I’ve had some people joke that they’ll pay me to keep it because they love it so much.”

Mr Dennison first grew a beard when he was 15-years-old - the first in his school to achieve this - and it hasn't been trimmed in four years, meaning it's been a while since he saw his chin.

Adapting to the change will be difficult, as he has become accustomed to being called Santa by children, and his wife describing the beard as ‘Gandalfian.’

Mr Dennison has already raised more than his £250 target, but is hoping he can raise even more to help Crisis.

To support Mr Dennison's charity shave you can visit: www.mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/beard2go