THE Welsh and UK Governments will need to work together if a Chepstow bypass is to become a reality, AMs have heard.

Residents and politicians in the Monmouthshire town have long called for a bypass to be built, meaning traffic on the A48 would no longer have to pass through the centre of the town.

And, speaking in the Assembly this week, Monmouth AM Nick Ramsay called for more to be done to make the idea a reality.

"One area where the Welsh Government could make a difference in Monmouthshire would be to progress a Chepstow bypass - a solution to the congestion that is currently happening in Chepstow day in, day out and which is causing much misery to the residents of Chepstow and to commuters," he said.

"I do appreciate that only a third of that bypass would be in Wales, so we do need to see support from the UK Government and, indeed, cross-border co-operation for that bypass to become a reality."

Addressing finance secretary Mark Drakeford, the Conservative AM asked: "Can you update us on any discussions that you've had with your colleague the cabinet secretary for transport (Ken Skates) or, indeed, with the Wales Office about the possibility of progressing that much-needed project and about the importance of the Welsh Government also getting support from the UK Government for it to become a reality?"

Mr Drakeford replied any discussions with the UK Government on the matter are the responsibility of Mr Skates, but the two had recently discussed the issue.

"It's exactly as Nick Ramsay said - about a third of the distance and a third of the expenditure would rely on Welsh Government sources, and, in order to make that bypass worth while, we would have to secure the remainder of the expenditure and the investment from across our border," he said.

"I know that my colleague Ken Skates is very aware of the pressures that face that town in relation to traffic, in relation to air quality and so on, and I know that he is very anxious to progress those discussions with the UK Government and to make sure that we can bring them to the table so that, between us both, we might be able to make this happen."