A FUNDRAISING page has been set up to support a single mother of three whose house was gutted by fire.

The home of Emma Pearce and her sons, in Playford Crescent, Ringland, was destroyed by a blaze at the end of last month.

No-one was seriously hurt as a result of the incident, but the fire burnt through the roof and caused extensive damage throughout, leaving Ms Pearce and her sons, aged 16, 14 and nine, unable to return.

South Wales Argus: The roof of the house on Playford CrescentThe roof of the house on Playford Crescent

Ms Pearce, who suffers from connective tissue disorder Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, said she was devastated to have lost numerous sentimental items.

"I lost letters from my sister who passed away, pictures of my sons – before smart phones – blankets that I crocheted.

“These things can’t ever be replaced.”

It is believed the fire was caused by a loose wire in a lamp connected to a plug socket, which had been in the attic since Ms Pearce moved to the address around five years ago.

She added: “Attics are like kindling, and the fire swept through it in seconds. Now the entire attic is gone, the ceiling has collapsed, and everything is smoke or water damaged.”

Ms Pearce said she was thankful for the support she has received since the incident, which also saw a number of early Christmas presents she had bought destroyed.

South Wales Argus:

“I’ve lived in Ringland for 20 years, and the way the community rallied around us was overwhelming,” she said.

“A huge thank you, not only to everyone who’s donated, but to everyone who’s been there as support. 

“It shows how a community can come together, and I’ve always loved Ringland because of that.”

A friend of Ms Pearce, Amii Jones, has now set up a fundraising page for the family, who have a temporary place to stay, but are eventually hoping to return to Playford Crescent. 

Ms Jones said: “I’m also asking if people can donate Christmas presents and decorations.

“Christmas is Emma’s favourite time of the year and, after the ordeal she’s been through, I want her to have some joy.”

As the Argus previously reported, firefighters were called to the house in Playford Crescent, at 6.41pm on Saturday September 29.

They spent three hours putting out the flames, leaving the scene at 9.35pm.

To donate, visit: www.gofundme.com/hbf2u-raising-money-for-a-friend?member=847504