ENSURING the fallen soldiers from the First World War are never forgotten, is what this Girlguiding group is hoping to achieve.

Members of Girlguiding in Ponthir and Caerleon have been busy working on their "100 for 100" project this month.

The project involves the girls designing a garland consisting of 100 poppies.

Leanne Taylor, who is the district commissioner, said: "Through the commitment of our volunteer leaders we have reached the milestone of 100 young members within the district.

"This is a real achievement and it seemed poignant to bring the young membership together in this special act of remembrance in the year of the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War.

"We have had an overwhelming positive response to our project from parents and the community, including the Ponthir Community council and all three elected members for Caerleon."

She added: "It is important to us as a district to be part of remembrance services in our community. It is something our girls undertake gladly, solemnly and proudly."

The district commissioner said the group is creating a garland to "remember the ultimate sacrifice".

"We do not want them to be forgotten," she said.

"The garland will make people think of what the sacrifice that the soldiers made."

Councillors Jason Hughes and Gail Giles joined the group recently and to see one of their poppy making workshops.

Cllr Giles, who is a Girlguiding ambassador, said that she was proud to be involved with supporting the project.

And Cllr Hughes added: ‘'It is marvellous to see girls developing their understanding of the ultimate sacrifice that so many gave to protect the freedoms that we take for granted today.''

The garland will be on display at the Garden of Remembrance on Armistice Day and will afterwards be offered to Ponthir Chapel and the Frwmm.

The Girlguides will also be taking part in the planned parade in Caerleon on November 11.