VAUGHAN Gething AM, the Welsh government's health secretary, paid a recent visit to Chepstow to view the latest developments in surgical endoscopy.

Mr Gething toured the facilities of the Creo Medical Group, which is developing tools to help surgeons conduct operations which are as non-invasive as possible.

During the visit, Creo showcased its CROMA electrosurgical platform, which allows for precise localised cutting and uses microwave energy for controlled coagulation.

Mr Gething was also shown the company's Speedboat device.

Initially designed for use in the field of gastrointestinal therapeutic endoscopy, the Speedboat helps reduce the risks associated with alternative open and laparoscopic procedures, reducing the length of hospital stays, cost of treatment and transferring therapy from the operating theatre to the endoscopy room.

Craig Gulliford, Creo’s chief executive officer, said: "Developing innovative medical technologies is at the heart of the Welsh Government's vision for the future of the NHS in Wales.

"Creo is an example of a rapidly expanding business at the very forefront of Medtech device innovation and developing pioneering surgical devices for use in procedures for patients that will save hundreds and thousands of lives, not only in Wales but across the entire world.

"We welcome the Welsh Government’s continued support of Medtech innovation as we roll-out our extensive training led commercialisation strategy and transform the field of minimal invasive surgery globally."

The Welsh government's Development Bank of Wales (formerly Finance Wales) has been a strong supporter of the firm, and currently owns just over ten per cent of the Company.