THE retro revolution is rolling on. As more and more people decide to put down their phones and switch off their consoles in favour of board and card games, a couple from Newport hope to create a colony of gamers in the city.

Andy and Gemma Beese, founders of Underhive Games, are hoping to create a buzz among lovers of titles as varied as Monopoly and Magic the Gathering with their independent gaming hub.

Situated in Newport Arcade, the idea of opening a store was sparked by a trip to a similar outlet in Cardiff. The couple recognised a gap in the market in Newport and quickly moved to fill it.

Andy and Gemma are aiming to make gaming as accessible and welcoming as possible. Bringing people together who might otherwise not meet each other is important to the pair.

Gemma said: “Both of us suffer from social anxiety and for Andy this meant that although he loved painting miniatures and making scenery he never got a chance to really play the games.

“We want this store to change that for people.”

Tabletop games are enjoying somewhat of a renaissance which may be down to the teamwork element.

Gemma said: “Unlike consoles, tabletop games get everyone involved without sacrificing the social side of things. Plus there’s a great deal of creativity involved for some people, the act of building and painting something yourself gives you a great feeling of pride and self-satisfaction.”

Gemma also hopes to include events to help target loneliness among the elderly through board games.

The grand opening of Underhive Games is set for November 3 and will include showcases of games, painting masterclasses, a scenery unveiling and a live Dungeons and Dragons show in the evening.

Once up and running, the couple aim to keep the store flexible.

“People are welcome to come in to play their games, we do advise to make sure to check the events schedule or call us first as we cannot guarantee the space,” said Gemma.

For those of a competitive nature, take on your fellow gamers in league matches of card games such as Magic.

Underhive Games is a retail store at heart of course and as such, all of the games, scenery and books which are on display in-store will be available to purchase.