WE AM’s spend a great deal of our time serving or chairing the various committees of the assembly.

In many ways this is where much of the assembly work is done.

The scrutiny of Welsh Government legislation and finances are carried out by the relevant committees.

I chair the petitions Committee and I am a member of the Economy, Transport and Infrastructure Committee.

As its name implies the petitions committee deals with the various petitions which are submitted to the Welsh Assembly by various groups and individuals who are campaigning about specific issues.

The Committees importance lies in that it is the porthole through which the general public can hold to account the politicians and various bodies and organisations in Wales.

We act upon any petition which gathers more than fifty signatures, and we consider a debate in the Assembly, for any petition which attains 5000 signatories.

The Economy Transport and Infrastructure Committee has a very broad portfolio.

We mount enquiries and make reports on issues encompassed in the committees name.

For instance the M4 relief road, the Wales and Border Rail Franchise, the Active Travel act and Cardiff Airport have all been subject to our enquiries over the last year or so.

I believe that there are times when we need to put our political differences aside, and give credit where credit is due.

The Welsh Governments decision to buy Cardiff Airport was the right one.

It was being woefully neglected by its previous owners and did not reflect its status as a national airport.

Since the Welsh Governments acquisition there has been a transformation of both the airport’s infrastructure, and its operational base.

I wish to congratulate all those involved in this enterprise.

Similarly I wish to congratulate the Secretary of State for his handling of the Wales and Border Franchise negotiations, I believe the outcome was the best achievable.

We look forward to the South Wales rail infrastructure being transformed over the coming years.

I cannot close my article without mention of the London march against Brexit, attended by many Politicians both from Westminster and Wales.

This march was a deliberate attempt to undermine the will of the people, particularly those of the South Wales Valleys, who voted overwhelmingly for out.

I hope the electorate will remember those who chose to ignore the will of the people when called upon to vote in any subsequent elections.