A SHOCKING video has emerged of fireworks being set off in the middle of a residential city street.

The footage, taken on Bonfire Night (Monday, November 5), shows fireworks shooting down the middle of Keene Street, Newport.

Lliswerry councillor Allan Morris said such dangerous antics had no place in Newport, adding that this was the worst year for such behaviour that he had ever seen.

"This mindless madness has to stop," said the independent councillor.

"At an organised display, setting off fireworks can be fun for the whole family.

"But when idiots get hold of them and start throwing them around then it's only going to end in damage to people property or tragedy.

"The parents of these kids should be ashamed of themselves, and of the havoc their children have wrought.

"I'm organising a public meeting with the police, who I think do a fantastic job.

"But enough is enough when youngsters are terrorising local people. It's just got to stop.

"This is the worst year I've ever experienced for this type of thing.

"Fireworks night should be a fun, safe evening for families. It should not be used to terrorise communities."

A spokesman for Gwent Police said they received multiple calls about the incident.

Local officers attended the scene and conducted area searches, however those believed to be involved had dispersed," added the spokesman.

Local policing sergeant Chris Back said: “At this time of the year there are a number of events where fireworks are part of the fun.

“However, fireworks are dangerous and have to be used in a responsible and adult manner. This is not a game and your actions will have serious consequences.”

Jennie Griffiths, who is head of Joint Fire Control for South Wales and Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Services, took to social media to warn that fire services were dealing with a number of incidents on November 5.

In one post, she tweeted: "It would greatly assist us this evening if dialling 999 to report a bonfire if you can provide the exact location, whether it is attended or unattended, the size of the bonfire if possible, and if it is on open ground etc."