A GWENT POLICE officer has resigned on the second day of a misconduct hearing into his behaviour.

The conduct of PC Clarke Joslyn, an officer for 26 years, is being assessed following a four-year investigation.

Witnesses were due to start giving evidence yesterday morning.

But on what was the second day of the hearing, sergeant Tony Patey, speaking on behalf of PC Joslyn, revealed that the officer had handed in his resignation.

And he added that health problems meant PC Joslyn would not be able to attend any hearing for the next two to three weeks.

He said: “There has been a letter of resignation made this morning.

“To resign, he thought, would minimise disruption.”

Sargeant Patey also argued for an adjournment of the misconduct hearing.

“He is not in a fit state to make any informed decisions which are needed,” he added.

“I would like to make an adjournment so PC Joslyn can recover to make informed decisions.”

But Chris Daw QC, representing Gwent Police, opposed any adjournment and claimed PC Joslyn was attempting to “derail” the proceedings.

He said: “You had two complainants, one of whom has been waiting for many years to give her evidence.

“The public should expect a proper discernment so they understand what has happened.

“There have been repeated attempts to derail the process. He has made complaint after complaint about the process.

“So far on medical evidence, we expressed some concern about what we were being told.

“What we have received is a letter from a doctor saying after reviewing him ‘I fear for the next two to three weeks he is unable to attend’ the hearings. But it does not have any proper medical evidence which would persuade a panel.”

He added: “The fact is he submitted the resignation in clear understanding that the panel would go on without his presence.”

In response, Sargeant Patey said: “It isn’t an attempt to derail the proceedings.

And Rosamund Rutter, who was also representing PC Joslyn, added: “He isn’t in any fit state to give me instructions which I require to cross examine him.”

Discussions were understood to be ongoing over a potential adjournment as the Argus went to press.