MILLIONS of pounds worth of criminals' assets went under the hammer this evening.

Wilsons Auctions held an unreserved government auction in Usk Way and sold 90 items which had been seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

And in a packed room, more than £2 million-worth was made from all the items being sold.

People's attention quickly turned to a four-bedroomed house in Bedfordshire. Following a bidding win, the property sold for an eye-watering £727,000.

Other items included a house in Florida which sold for £166,000, a house in London sold for £575,000, a Rolex Explorer II watch sold for £3,500 and a five-year Mercedes-Benz sold for £11,750.

Head of Asset Recovery for Wilsons Auctions, Aidan Larkin, said: "We are auctioning £5.5 million worth of seized goods.

"We represent more public sector and law enforcement agencies than any other auction house in the UK and Ireland.

"All of the items are to be sold to the highest bidder with no reserve. With your support, our government auctions have returned in excess of £100 milliom back into the public purse and we look forward to building on that figure in the future."

He added: "We hope you all enjoy this evening."

Bidder Alan Walters described the evening as "exciting".
"I have been to a few of these," he said.
"They get exciting because there are a lot of good items up for grabs."
And another bidder Rhys Davies added: "The items are really nice.
"You can get them for not a lot of money. I have bought one watch."