Rookie Newport sprinter Hollie Taylor went hot footed to her dad Chris when her running club needed new training gear.

Now the eight-and-a-half-year-old athlete and her KCL Speed School team mates are really looking the business in new sponsored kit.

Hollie trains twice a week at Newport Stadium with the ‘Munchkins’, one of the youngest groups within Newport Harriers Athletic Club.

Dad Chris, a director of Kymin Financial Planners, which is based in Bridge Street, Newport, said: “Hollie said the Munchkins needed a new training kit and suggested Kymin sponsored the gear, which I thought was a great idea.

“Hollie is a very keen athlete and has been training and running for the past two-and-half-years as part of the Newport Harriers at Newport Stadium in Spytty. She has real potential and I’m happy to do whatever I can to help her get the most out of the sport and be the best that she can.”

Hollie, a fan of Olympic gold medallist Jessica Ennis and a pupil at Tredegar Park Primary School, Newport, said: “The new training kit is great. I really love coming to training with the KCL as it helps me to run faster and improve my technique.”

KCL coach Clifford Webbe, trains the youngsters aged seven to 11, the technical aspects of sprinting at the speed school.

He said: “The new training kit is superb. We’re really very grateful to Kymin for showing their support and for Hollie for bugging her dad to get the gear!”

The tops and bottoms display a new club logo designed by Hollie’s older sister, University of the West of England graphics undergraduate Paige Lanyon.