PRACTICALLY every television set in Wales will be tuned in to the life-line rugby world cup match tonight.

Most viewers will be flying the Welsh flag and rooting for our boys to make it through to the semi-finals.

But in one Llanmartin household things aren't quite that simple.

Louise Clarke, 26, is Welsh and has supported the Welsh rugby team all her life.

Just over three years ago she met her Fijian boyfriend and the father of her three children, Sitiveni Rabuli.

Mr Rabuli moved to Britain seven years ago when he was just 18.

He plays in the back row for Cross Keys rugby club, has very strong links with the Fijian team.

Mr Rabuli's father, Naibuka Vuli, used to be the captain of the team.

His cousin, Sunia Koto now plays for the team and has been named for tonight's line-up.

With such strong links to both sides, Ms Clarke is in a bit of a dilemma about who she should cheer for.

She said: "I just don't know who to support.

"I'll be happy for whoever goes through and sad for whoever loses."

Sadly Mr Rabuli, who is an honorary citizen will not be able to watch the match at his home as he has been posted to Afghanistan in the Yorkshire regiment of the army.

Ms Clarke said: "He's got a few Fijian friends with him in Afghanistan and they are hoping to have a TV set to watch it out there and he'll probably be giving me a call after the match."

"I think I will be happy either way," said Ms Clarke, "but Sitiveni will definately be supporting Fiji.

"We went to watch a Wales v Fiji game at the Millennium stadium a couple of years ago. The score was 11-10 to Wales - he wasn't very happy about that, he was in a right mood!

Even though Mr Rabuli won't here to watch the match, there might still be Wales-Fiji tensions in the houshold because his mother, Filippa Vuli will be watching the match with Ms Clarke.

At the moment Ms Clarke's children, nine-month twins and three year-old daughter, are too young to fly the flag for either side, but Ms Clarke doesn't think it will stay that way.

She said: "If Sitiveni has his way they'll be Fijian supporters when they're older!"

Even though Ms Clarke isn't sure who to support, she has her predictions for tonight.

She said: "I think it will be Wales to go through.

"I think they've been playing slightly better than Fiji."

She added: "If Wales do win, my whole family will tease him!"