EIGHT names glint golden in the autumn sunlight on a wall at Newport's newest public open space.

The women remembered here - Caroline Maud Edwards, Violet Phillips, Gertrude Winifred Dyer, Lilian Kate Jones, Annie Brewer, Beatrice Olivette White, Alice Annie Guy, Frances Llewellyn-Jones - could easily have been lost to history.

But a combination of dedicated research and a determination to commemorate these women of Newport for the roles they played in the First World War - during which all of them lost their lives - has ensured that they will not be forgotten.

First, Newport author Sylvia Mason detailed their contributions to the war effort in her book Every Woman Remembered – Daughters of Newport in the Great War, which was published earlier this year.

And now, their names form part of a simple and striking memorial mosaic at St Paul's Walk, which links Commercial Street and Kingsway.

The mosaic, beautifully rendered by Newport artist Stephanie Roberts, who worked with youth groups to create it, is also intended to remember the changing roles of women during the 1914-18 conflict, which for instance saw many to go work in munitions factories.

At the formal unveiling of the work, Mayor of Newport councillor Malcolm Linton praised Ms Roberts' "creativity and vision" and said that this is a work that involved much input from people across the city.

The city council's successful application for Heritage Lottery Funding for the creation of an artwork to mark the end of the Great War was the catalyst for the mosaic's creation, and council leader Debbie Wilcox called it "timely and relevant" and "a prominent reminder and historical reference for younger generations".

"It is also a stunning piece of artwork in its own right," said Cllr Wilcox.

"I am a strong advocate for celebrating and recognising the valuable contribution women have made, and continue to make, to our society."

Mrs Mason said she is "proud to be a citizen of a city that honours its women as well as its men", and added that in setting out to celebrate the achievements of Newport women, "my research led me to these women, who served and died in the First World War."

She called Ms Roberts' mosaic "a beautiful and inspiring work of art".

It is intended that details of the lives of the women commemorated in the mosaic will be made available online in the near future, as part of an interactive online project.