THE contractor behind a multi-million-pound project aimed at reducing congestion has said it is reviewing the situation after receiving a number of complaints.

The £13.7million project, which started in February 2017, aimed to reduce long delays by introducing new features at Pont Ebbw, Junction 28 Tredegar Park and Bassaleg roundabouts.

Newly-designed drive-through lanes on the roundabouts were at the centre of the ambitious project. The sites, which are used by more than 6,000 vehicles an hour at peak times, have also been fitted with an intelligent traffic management system, which adjusts the sequence of traffic lights according to the levels of use.

And after receiving a number of complaints, a spokesman from contractor Costain said the company is working with German giant Siemens to find a solution.

He said: “We have been continually reviewing the traffic flows at all three roundabouts since the new traffic signals were operationalised and we are confident that during the afternoon peak and in the non-peak periods the traffic is flowing effectively and as predicted in the initial traffic modelling.

“However, during the morning peak there does still tend to be a build-up of traffic travelling south along the A467 from Rogerstone towards Bassaleg and the M4 J28 interchange at Tredegar Park.

“There are a number of factors which could be causing this but we are working with Siemens on the sequencing of the traffic signals in an attempt to achieve an optimum throughput of traffic 24 hours a day.

“We did receive a number of complaints in the early part of last week about the A467 southbound traffic, but the complaints this week have reduced. That is not to say we are no longer reviewing the issue, but this is a very intricate and sensitive set of junctions with significant variances in traffic flows at different times of the day and it will take a little longer to resolve. We would respectfully ask the travelling public to reflect on the very positive aspects of the project and to be patient as we continue to work on the morning flows.”

But fed up motorists have hit out and claimed the new layouts have not solved their traffic headaches.

(VIDEO: Argus reporters Alice Rose and Tomos Povey contend with the traffic systems at Bassaleg roundabout)

Bassaleg resident Ian Thomas said he finds the new roundabout layouts “totally confusing” - especially when having to go in the left-hand lane to go full circle.

“Because it is so confusing it is causing even more traffic,” said the builder.

“If you take Pont Ebbw Roundabout, if you want to head to Maesglas from the Newport Transporter Bridge direction you need to go in the far left lane - despite your exit being at more than 12 o’clock. To me, you should be in the right-hand lane.

“Each of the designated lanes are not well signposted and people end up having to change lanes right at the end which is causing long tail-backs.”

Gemma Clarke is another frustrated driver, who regularly waits in traffic each day for up to an hour.

“It is a complete nightmare,” said Miss Clarke.

“I live in Crosskeys and work in Cardiff. I have to come over Bassaleg and J28 Tredegar Park roundabouts. The traffic lights have not helped at either roundabout.

“I take the journey most days and the traffic has not eased.”

And another bassaleg resident, Janet Jenkins, added: "I regularly come past the Bassaleg roundabout leading to J28 one. And my family live in Pill so I also use the Pont Ebbw roundabout. It is not unusual to be sat in the traffic for two hours at all of them.

"It is a nightmare."