A BEST-SELLING classical-crossover artist launches her latest album soon ahead of her 2019 tour.

Katherine Jenkins, from Neath, has been working hard on her latest album Guiding Light, which is being launched on November 30.

The 15-track album takes inspiration from the sadness felt at the loss of her father, Selywn, and the joys of becoming a mother to her son, Xander.

Speaking of her 12th album, Ms Jenkins said: “It’s been lovely because I was able to do a lot of song choices and make arrangements whilst pregnant, then after Xander was born I could sing to him in the studio, which was so relaxed.

“I’ve arranged some of the songs to make them more classical and others - like Xander's Song - I wrote myself.

“The album isn’t happy or sad. I tried to create something spiritual which everyone can interpret, no matter their belief. It’s emotional and uplifting, with some songs that will make people happy and others that will make them remember.

“I make music for my fans and we've already had an overwhelming response from people.

Ms Jenkins will tour with Guiding Light, starting in Oxford in April 2019, and including a performance in Cardiff’s St David’s Hall on May 7, 2019.

“I can’t wait to go on tour, it’s my favourite part of the job,” added Ms Jenkins.

“I’m looking forward to playing in Cardiff, because there’s nothing better than a Welsh crowd, and it puts everything back into perspective.”

Guiding Light will be released on November 30, with Ms Jenkins returning home to Neath to perform at St David’s Church for the launch party.