I THINK I'll go shopping today. You know, in a city centre.

I think i will button my coat against the autumnal chill and damp, and go to browse - such daring! - in as many shops as take my fancy.

I may even buy several items, stick my bank card in a pay machine or, if I'm feeling brave, go contactless.

I may even, whisper it, ferret about in wallet and pockets to make a purchase with cash.

Yes, it is the day after Black Friday - though in some parallel universes, Black Friday continues into Saturday, Sunday, damn it, every day of the week.

But crucially, I didn't take part in Black Friday. This sort of uncomely annual purchasing frenzy is not for me. Ditto, the Boxing Day sales, that other celebrated crushfest for people who are so sick of their visiting relatives after everyone has stuffed themselves on Chrismas Day, that they would rather queue up from the small hours in all weathers on December 26 to avoid spending any more time with them.

Don't get me wrong, I love a bargain as much as the next shopper. It is simply that I refuse to get involved in the hype and the stampede - online or on the High Street - to get one.

Ultimately, shopping should be a pleasurable pastime, or what is the point? Why spend precious time off work surfing the internet for the bargain of the century, or in a city centre or retail park surrounded by those frantic, drooling, seekers-after-the-newest-flattest-ever-flatscreen-TV?

It comes back to that word 'browse'. We need to give ourselves time while shopping to pick stuff up, put stuff down, stroke our chins, and go 'hmmmm' or 'oooooh', before reaching for our preferred method of payment.

Plenty of coffee shops out there these days too, to refuel in. Here goes.