A “BEST MILKER” award and a prosthetic foot were just some of the items found after a caving club joined forces with a construction firm and local authority to clear a local beauty-spot plagued by fly-tippers.

Earlier this month, Brynmawr Caving Club teamed up with Monmouthshire County Council’s highway and environmental health teams and Costain to tackle fly-tipped waste at Clydach gorge on Llanelly Hill, near Abergavenny.

Victoria Bluemel of Brynmawr Caving Club lives close to the spectacular beauty spot.

“As a local resident I’m appalled to see that fly-tipping is still an issue in the vicinity despite previous warnings to the public,” she said.

“Thankfully, the community were happy that we were willing to clear it ourselves and raise the issue again. It’s such a shame as the gorge is a spectacular scene of natural engineering."

Fellow caver Barry Burn added: “As cavers, we are always mindful of the impact our actions can have on the natural environment and always saddened when we see such mindless acts that cause great harm to both the underground and above-ground environment.

“I find it unbelievable that someone would go to such lengths to dump this rubbish, spoiling such a beautiful part of the Clydach Gorge, when the local civic amenities site is just down the road and open to all residents.”

Monmouthshire’s highways directorate agreed to waive the usual fee for a road closure, allowing members from Brynmawr Caving Club to abseil down a steep slope between Darenfelin and Gellifelin to collect the rubbish.

Karon Williams from the council’s environmental health team said: “Thanks to great work by Brynmawr Caving Club we have rid this beautiful area of two mattresses, headboards, cushions, five large pieces of carpet, plastic bags full of rubbish, general household items and over 60 plastic bottles, cans and glass bottles. Incredibly, we also found an agricultural show trophy for best milker and a prosthetic foot! We shall investigate the rubbish to ascertain whether we can trace it to any original owners.”

Costain, the principal contractor on the A465 dual-carriageway construction project between Gilwern and Brynmawr, coordinated and signed the traffic management arrangements and deployed resources to transport the fly-tipped rubbish to a local community amenity site.

Bruce Richards, Costain Project Director commented: “Once we were informed of the problem and the difficulty in recovering the material, we were keen to assist where we could. I’m pleased that the area has been cleaned so that we can all enjoy its beauty. I hope that the offenders are traced and brought to justice.”