This week's Dog of the Week is Jasmine.

She is a one year old springer spaniel, and has been signed over to the home as her owner was unable to give her the time and training she needs.

Jasmine is a little bit on the back paw regarding her training. She startles quite easily, and is relatively timid for a young springer. She is very friendly and affectionate with people, but hasn't had much experience of the great outdoors, and she hasn't been socialised with other dogs at all. Poor Jasmine is absolutely petrified of even the most gentle and benign dogs.

The staff and volunteers at the centre are working hard to help her overcome her fear, and it's likely that Jasmine's rehomers will need to continue to work with her and help her become 'more dog'.

For more information or if you would like to meet Jasmine or any of the wonderful dogs for rehoming at the centre please contact the staff on 01633 290902, or pop in for a chat. No appointment needed.