Newport-based engineering contractors Whitehead is leading the way in helping its people to be in with a chance to feel grand.

The business, established in 1978 and with offices in Swansea, Bristol and Exeter, is recognised as one of the UK’s leading providers of mechanical and electrical building services.

Whitehead, which has its headquarters in Newport and employs 250 people, is at the vanguard of a renewed bid to boost St David’s Hospice Care lottery.

The business has notched up a decade of continuous support for the charity’s lottery, during which time it has contributed £30,000 of support via the lottery.

The lottery, which has a weekly top prize of £1,500 along with other smaller weekly winnings, is an important source of funds for the Newport-based charity.

Whitehead, which match funds money spent by its employees playing the charity’s lottery, is encouraging other businesses to follow its lead. The business has supported the charity’s lottery since 2008.

Whitehead finance manager Michael Tasker said: “We are long term supporters of the lottery. “We are happy to support St David’s Hospice Care by encouraging our people to sign up for a number and then match funding, £1 for £1, money spent by staff in joining the weekly draw.

“Whitehead has contributed £30k to the lottery over the past ten years, which is £15,000 from our employees match-funded by the company.”

“It is our ethos to look after our staff and matching their support for St David’s is another way for us to demonstrate that we value them. We are proud to be able to help them continue providing their valuable services.”

Whitehead, with an annual turnover of £40m, has built up an enviable portfolio over the years having worked on a number of high profile projects such as the BBC studios at Cardiff Bay, the new science and innovation campus at Swansea University and the Celtic Manor Resort and its iconic Ryder Cup Club House.

Kris Broome, who is charge of the St David’s Hospice Care’s lottery, said: “Whitehead are a solid and reliable supporter of our charity. The business organises the hugely successful annual Whitehead Tour de Gwent bicycle event and their tremendous support for our lottery is amazing.

“We’re now hoping that other local businesses will follow Whitehead’s lead and encourage their people to sign up to play our lottery. The money generated is absolutely vital in helping to pay for the various forms of care we provide free of charge to our community 24 hours a day, seven days a week 365 days a year.”

“The hospice lottery was set up in the early 1990s and has built a loyal membership over the past two decades. In fact, more than 200 of the original members are still playing every week.

Kris said: “Although the cause and the cost of playing the lottery have remained consistent for more than 25 years, the methods of joining and paying have improved.

"In addition to cash, cheque and standing order collections, people can now join and pay on-line or by direct debit. This has helped to drive down costs and means more of each £1 raised goes to support our patients.

“As we move on into the next 25 years, we sincerely hope that many more people will join the thousands that already enjoy taking part in the weekly draw. It’s a win, win lottery.”

For details on how to sign up to the St David’s Hospice Care lottery or to join on-line visit or call 01633 851051.