A WOMAN who stayed in a Wetherspoon hotel in Newport says has been left hundreds of pounds out of pocket after being wrongly charged for damages to a TV.

Danielle Devane-Porter, from Redditch in the Midlands, says she was charged close to £250 on top of what she paid for a room at the Queen’s Hotel, in Bridge Street.

Upon phoning the hotel to query the charge, which she also claims was taken from her bank account without prior notice, she says she was told the money had been taken to pay for damage to the television set in her room.

The 30-year-old said: "I was very shocked as we knew we hadn’t done anything to the TV. There was no external damage."

But a spokesperson for JD Wetherspoon said: “The television in the room was routinely checked, before and after the guest had stayed at The Queen’s Hotel.

“On this occasion, it was found to be damaged following the departure of the guest.

Mrs Devane-Porter's parents travelled down from the Midlands following the incident, and asked to inspect the television for themselves.

Her father, William, said: “I asked if I could see the television, I knew it was in room 12. The manager said that he wouldn’t feel comfortable showing us the room.

“He said it was against their terms and conditions.”

Mrs Devane-Porter added: “I am very upset and also angry about this situation.

"I stayed at the hotel with my husband and mother-in-law and we were in bed for 9pm, as we were picking up a puppy the next morning. We didn't cause any damage to the TV, it must be wear and tear."

But the spokesperson for JD Wetherspoon added: “The damage was confirmed by the housekeeper and hotel manager.

"The television was also checked by an engineer, who confirmed it had been damaged, not through wear and tear.

“A letter was sent to the guest informing them of the situation and that they would be charged, according to the terms and conditions of the booking.

“A photograph was also sent upon request.

“Wetherspoon fully supports the actions of the management team at The Queen’s Hotel.”