THE Welsh Government has revealed its plan to introduce statutory carbon emissions targets for Wales.

The National Assembly will vote later today on the Welsh Government’s proposed Climate Change (Wales) Regulations.

The regulations will make Wales accountable for all the emissions it generates.

If the regulations are passed, the Welsh Government will be legally bound to reduce emissions by 27 per cent in 2020, 45 per cent in 2030 and 67 per cent in 2040.

Next March the Welsh Government will publish its first Low Carbon Delivery Plan, which will propose how Wales will reduce carbon emissions and achieve its first carbon budget.

Lesley Griffiths, who is the cabinet secretary for energy, planning and rural affairs, said: “Cutting greenhouse gases will help reduce the global impact of future extreme weather events. It also brings benefits such as good quality jobs, global market advantages, comfortable and efficient homes, cleaner air and water, and better health.

“We want to place decarbonisation at the front and centre of everything we do and ensure the Government is held accountable for delivery. The regulations demonstrate the Welsh Government is serious about tackling climate change and shows international markets Wales is open to low carbon business.”

“Wales must play its part in this global challenge and the low carbon revolution. It’s vital we set a good example and these targets show we value the lives and livelihoods of future generations as much as our own.”