AN Argus report of a debate in Parliament on a petition seeking a ban on sales of fireworks to the public – to which Newport East MP Jessica Morden contributed – brought a strong response.

Ms Morden described the period around Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night and through the festive season as having “become an excuse for a destructive minority to cause misery for the public at large”.

Here's what readers said online:

Displays only, is the way to go!


Well said Jessica. Time that sale to the public was banned

Sid Bonkers

Time to ban the imported toxic explosives completely. In the 21st Century we should be having laser shows.

Moaner Lisa

They were that loud this year they made my windows rattle. I have seen what these can do to a former soldier with PTSD. The poor man was reduced to a quivering wreck.

It is time they were banned from being sold to the public and time these bombshells were taken off the market altogether. There is just no need


Why not restrict sales until the first week of November and anyone who sets them off in a public place faces the same punishment as for detonating explosives?


On the occasion I buy fireworks to entertain the smaller (and me ) members of my family, and then set them off, I do so sensibly. Why should this be taken away from me because of a minority?


Because the price of your fun is thousands of people getting injured.


Completely agree, fingers crossed some changes come quickly.

Pamela Jordan

Many organised displays now charge a small fortune for admission, mainly because of insurance costs and health and safety regulations. Banning fire works at home would simply deprive the poorest children in our communities of the thrill of fireworks and our traditions!

Paul Fear